Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recycling at Mooseville I was a few days late. Can you blame me? Summer is almost over so I was out enjoying the last little bit of it! Today's blog I am going to talk a little bit about recycling and what we do here at Mooseville!

Maine’s forests are among our great natural resources. Here, at Mooseville, we strive to protect them by reusing paper and cardboard products. Many local residents and businesses know of our recycling efforts so they help us out by giving us other packing material such as peanuts, bubble wrap and paper. All of our packing material has been used at least one time before it is used by us to protect your goodies! So you see, we make recycling a way of life.Your orders are generally shipped using boxes that are not new. We appreciate your help in being part of our recycling effort and encourage you to reuse or recycle the boxes and other packing material that come to you from us as well as from other places if you are able. We moose are always recyling things and try to be as green as we can. Some of the boxes may look a little bit used but now you know why!

I have encouraged Moosevillians to try to be green too! I like some of the products that we sell now because they are green “recyled” products. We have over 30 different products that are made from some sort of recycled products! Don’t you think it’s amazing what they can do with recycling things now? Here are a couple products that are “green.” This henley is so very comfortable and warm! See it here. You definitely should “soft” this one! These kinds of blankets are amazingly warm and soft! Try one on here!

Next week, I'm going to take you on a short tour of where I live. I'll take a few cool pictures!

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Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beginning 2002

The Biggest Story to Come Out of Mooseville in a Coon’s Age

As C. Moose Ellis was walking through the woods one day in the summer of 2002, he saw in the distance a large clump of trees. There was some noise coming from within, and he decided to sneak in for a closer look. What do you suppose he found? There was a group of moose and they were talking. It wasn’t until he got a little closer that he could tell what they were saying.

They were talking about what’s going on in America right now. “There’s a new wave where people are buying things with moose on them.” They were also sad that there were so many people that needed jobs here in America and stuff that was being made with moose on them was being made elsewhere, way across the ocean. They were very concerned that there were people making images of them that did not even know what a moose was. They also talked about helping other moose connect and rally round each other to protect themselves and their image.

It wasn’t long before he was discovered! He thought he was in trouble, but somehow, the moose seemed to trust him and talked to him a little while and then asked him to leave for a minute. Although he wanted to stay and listen, he figured it’s probably best not to argue with a moose! He went a little way off. Soon, they called him back over to their circle. The moose who seemed to be the leader, my Uncle Jeffery, stepped forward and informed C. Moose Ellis that through popular vote he had been elected to be their spokesman to the rest of the world. So, his calling had begun.

And the rest is pretty much history. Mooseville has been gaining momentum ever since! Check out the website at