Sunday, January 31, 2010

Moose it up For Valentines!

Last week, I gave you some serious advice in the newsletter. Don't just give flowers for Valentine's this year! Flowers will only die and are quickly forgotten, and besides that, there is that whole thing about water.

Now, a moose is the kind of gift that will last. Imagine if I showed up at your door … the memory of Brodey on your back stoop would bring a smile to your beloved’s heart forever! Well, I am available, but the cost is probably up there to high for most folks. I mean a moose on a plane? You get my drift? So I wanted to make a few more affordable suggestions.

Moose earrings, moose socks, pajamas, handsome figurines, and my favorite, the cuddly stuffed version of me would all make great gifts. It would be hard to go wrong, if you are shopping at the Mooseville store.

Now, let’s just think about this! If you wait much longer, you will have to call Corey begging and pleading to get an emergency shipment of Moose goodies. So this week’s advice is don’t wait until the last second like you did for Christmas!

If you have your heart set on chocolates and flowers, you can always get those at the last minute from your local gas station. But I would expect that you should plan ahead for those cute little moose, so you can get chocolate moose poops or a fruity assortment of moose lollipops to go with that great Moose gift for your sweetheart.

Love your friends, love your neighbors, love your Moose!

Welcome 2010 Moose Style!

I know, I really know that I am just a few weeks late, but I have been super busy moosing around! I also know that I am overdue on my list of resolutions for the New Year. I decided this year, I would follow the old advice that less is more, so I only have three resolutions.

One: Be on Time! You can certainly see that I am definitely getting off on the wrong hoof with this one. But, I am trying and hopefully will do better!

Two: Read More Books! This is another one of the resolutions that seems to come up year after year, but I do plan to visit the library more often. And it seems that I am just in time for the Penny Auction at the Phillips Library! Shopping - now that would be a resolution I could really be good at keeping. I did read the back of the cover of a great little book called A Good Dog. It appears that it is all about a dog named Orson. That brings me to my next and final resolution.

Three: Write my memoir! I am thinking about calling it A Good Moose: The story of Brodey. It does seem unlikely that Jon Katz, author of A Good Dog, will have time to write about my life. He does have a farm and a whole pile of dogs to take care of, besides he isn't available as moose ghostwriter. So I guess the sole responsibility
falls to me.

And so it begins, in earnest with something like this, "Once upon a
time, there was a moose named Brodey..."

Stay tuned and I look forward to hearing from you!