Saturday, August 29, 2009

Fall is on it's way!

Hello Friends. I hate to start the conversation, but after the cool temperatures at the end of the week, I think autumn has arrived in Mooseville. My neighbor, Mr. Barker, reports that he had 37 degrees outside his back door the other morning and that is just a moose wink away from a frost. But being the eternally optimistic Mayor that I am, I think we are in for a long and warm Indian summer despite the Farmer’s Almanac. Maybe if we all just believe, it will happen and we can expect sunshine and warm temperatures through September.

September will be upon us next week and many of the kids are already back at school. Is it my imagination or does the summer seem to get shorter every year? Anyway, watch out for those school buses and kids crossing the road. Gosh, driving is hard – with moose, deer and kids all convinced that they have to cross the road because the grass is always greener there. And soon those leaf peapers will be stopping in the middle of the road to take my picture. Can’t they just buy a postcard - the photos of my cousin Charles are much better anyway?

I thought today I would mention the five crazy women that live down the road. These women make such a fuss some mornings; it is hard to believe they haven’t ended up on the dinner table. It is a good thing that they live with a vegetarian. Oh, I guess it is prudent to mention that they are chickens. Anyway, I just want to say hello to the fabulous five: Nutmeg, Pepper, Violet, Marigold and Thyme.

I am trying to come up with a catchy slogan...I'll keep you posted! Check out Mooseville for all kinds of moose goodies!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Phillips, Maine Old Home Days!

Old Home Days Starts Today!

I apologize in advance, but I just couldn’t mention everything. For a complete list of events and times, please pick up a brochure at any area business. If you see Janet White, be sure to thank her for her hard work and tireless dedication to Old Home Days.
Here are some of my favorite events coming up this week:

Sunday (8/16) – Country Music at the Old Gym and a Golf benefit for the Phillips Public Library.

Monday (8/17) – Get ready for the busy week ahead!

Tuesday (8/18) – Cruise Night at Country Delight and a Talent Show at the Phillips Elementary School

Wednesday (8/19) – Cribbage at the American Legion

Thursday (8/20) – Flower Show, Golf Ball Drop and the Fashion Revue

Friday (8/21) - Everything Sale at the Old Gym, Lawn Sales Everywhere including a benefit at the Historical House, Craft Sale at Trecartin Park, Antique Appraisals, Train Rides, Food Sales, Bingo, a Street Dance and …

THE BIG PARADE - What Can You Do With Duck Tape
Line up for the parade starts at North Franklin Park and then it heads down Main Street!

Saturday (8/22) Plane Rides, Frog Jumping, Bathtub Races and Horse Pulling

Sunday (8/23) Breakfast with the Sandy River Flying Club, Bob Parker Children’s Parade and the Duck Derby
I have to say, I do love a good parade and every year, the parade seems to get bigger and better! I can’t wait to see what people do with this year’s theme. I have to say, duct tape is so important that I hope we don’t have a shortage.
Duct Tape – it is good wet or dry…it can do if you need stitches, a new bumper for the family car or just want to keep track of your remote control, not to mention fixing up the heating duct in the basement. And I would imagine that Earl and Lorraine Berry, this year’s honored couple, have used a fair amount of duct tape over the last 58 years of their marriage.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Swimming Moose and Obama's Second 100

What a week of fun adventures…
Hello friends! This week, I decided to go out to Mount Blue Pond to try a little bit of fishing. I thought a moose, especially the Mayor of Mooseville, could surely ride in a canoe. But, that first step into the boat proved to be more difficult than I had ever expected it to be and I decided that a swim would be better. Thankfully, there aren’t any embarrassing pictures to post on Facebook – Corey sure can be merciless with his camera!

This week’s garden report finally offers some variety, but still no hope for the grapes that haven’t flowered. I do love those green beans and, finally after a few sunny days in a row, they are big and yummy. Turnips, beet greens and peas are plentiful and the lettuce is super tender, thanks to all those cool rainy days.

I think that the rain must have washed away all the potato bugs because I haven’t seen a one! And there might be a tomato ripening on those pathetic plants, good thing they have sturdy cages to hold them up.

Obama celebrated his second one-hundred days last week and there still was no news about a Secretary of Moose, but I guess he may have had more pressing things on his presidential plate than my future political career. Maybe you all could put in a good word for me!

I did also wander over the Forks for a little rest and relaxation, but I had to take a rain check on the white water rafting after my canoe experience. The fine folks at Northern Outdoors do offer a nice place to visit, but I would have to say the hot tub doesn’t really appeal to a moose like me.

So I guess since moose are really good swimmers, I'll stick to swimming! Did you know moose can swim across an entire lake? Oh that reminds me of a joke...Why did the moose swim to the other side of the lake? To get to the other side of course! The swamp grass is always greener on the other side of the lake! Well on that parting joke, I will bid you farewell for now!

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