Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Well, the holidays are just around the corner and if you have not finished your shopping, I hate to sound pessimistic, but you are seriously running out of time.

Mooseville as you know is located in the western mountains of Maine and as a result, I always think that locating the perfect Christmas tree should not be hard. I spend the better part of most days wandering around the woods, so theoretically I have had all year to look at my options.

Well, last weekend, I went for a walk to find the Christmas tree. The snow was crusty enough after the ice storm to be annoying, but not too deep. I started up a little hill and came to a pleasant little frozen bog, but the perfect tree still eluded me.

You know what I mean. Not too short, not too tall…and for humans they have to worry about too wide to fit though the front door, but you cannot get one that is too skinny either! A skinny tree is like a skinny moose – just wrong.

A few snowflakes and a long walk, make the perfect tree easier to find after a while. Your perfect tree is somehow redefined as you start fantasizing about a cup of hot chocolate.

And almost before I realized it – there it was standing before me. Well, as a moose I do not have much use for cutting it down and hauling it down the side of the mountain, but I like to take a few minutes with my tree and take stock of the last year.

It was an adventure and my year was full of fun and I met some interesting folks along the way – so to each of you, I want to say Happy Holidays and wish you the best for 2009!

I know, I am usually not so philosophical, but it happens, now and again when you give a moose like me a blog.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ice Storm in Moose Country

Just wanted to share with you some pictures taken by Ginni our friend at Star Barn Bed and Breakfast with the recent ice storm in the Northeast that has left so many people without power for many days! They are beautiful pictures! Mother Nature's harshest conditions sometimes leaves us with the most gorgeous views! These pictures don't do it justice of how magnificent it looked.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Time flies like the snow!

Happy December!

While I know the big thing on everyone’s mind is the round happy guy with the overgrown goatee these days, I wanted to tell you about one of the legendary residents of Mooseville.

As the mayor, I meet all kinds of interesting moose in my travels. I wanted to send a hello out to my good friend Roger. He has been keeping an eye on all the winter preparations going on at Saddleback Maine. The mountain is due to open any day now and Roger said the snow is really piling up.

Roger has started training for the Lollipop races. It takes a lot of practice to coordinate all four moose legs on skis to go in the same direction, but to be fair how many moose do you know that can ski?

Be sure to wave to Roger – he has been hanging out near the Access Road keeping the trees trimmed!

There is still no words from President elect – Obama on the appointment of the Secretary of the Moose. When I was checking on the latest moose news, I did find these two important moose facts from the folks at the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. ”A moose can store more than 100 pounds of food in its stomach. Moose can run 35 mph and easily swim 10 miles without stopping.”

I didn’t, however, find anything about Roger’s downhill ski record online, but maybe it is top-secret because of his status as a potential Secretary of the Moose candidate! I will keep you posted!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

This week I am plan on spending some time at the Star Barn Bed and Breakfast while the Robie’s are away visiting their new granddaughters. They have this nice pond and a splendid Moose-Eye view of Blueberry Mountain from their place.

As we get closer to Thanksgiving, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. We don’t have a lick of snow yet in Mooseville, but it will likely come in a big rush just in time for everyone to go slip-sliding down the road to visit their family and friends. The Farmer’s Almanac promises this winter is going to be a doozy, but we shall see.

I haven’t finished my holiday shopping yet, have you?

I have spent a lot of time at the Mooseville website – picking out the very best moose gifts. I mean really, for your discerning moose, they have it all from t-shirts to skiing moose figurines and my personal favorite was the ingenious Mainer who made ornaments out of Moose poops. I mean really – what will they come up with next., but I am sure that it will be amazing and our friend Corey will be the first to have it!

I guess that is all for now. Oh, but be sure to wear your pumpkin clothes if you are out wandering in the woods these days, as hunting season lasts a few more weeks.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

It's FINALLY over!


The big election for humans is finally over - now what will the folks have to talk about? As the Mayor of Mooseville, I thought I would offer a list of suggested conversation starters for those of you struggling at the water cooler or at the next Hunter's Breakfast.

I do like making lists - now if only I could find the one I wrote about what I should be doing today, I would be all set. Excuse me if I repeat myself, but I sure am glad these antlers of mine are attached!

Conversation starters for the residents of Mooseville:

When do you think the president elect will start running for re-election?
Will the new president appoint a Secretary of Moose?
When will the country be ready for a Moose President?

Now if you are dealing with some highly intelligent "Moosey" types, these questions are likely to be better still to get folks riled up.

Can you use powdered ice tea mix to make hot tea?
Are Cluster flies really as dumb as they appear? I mean really, they just buzz around the lights and spin on the floor, but what is going on in their heads.

If hunters expect to be successful, why do they eat so much at the Hunter's Breakfast?
I would think all those sausage links would weigh them down and cause them to just need a nap - wait, I think I may have stumbled upon the answer here. A nice nap in the cab of their truck at the far end of a skidder road without the wife around to complain they haven't done anything around the house. Pure genius! I knew they wore those orange clothes for a reason - to highlight their intelligence.

Back to my questions...I guess I am obligated to mention the old, how about this weather we're having. I realize that the truth is, if you don't like the weather, you can always wait five minutes and it will be doing something different.

If you get bored and need something to look at, don't forget all your favorite things at Mooseville!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Wood Piles


October has come to a close and most of the trees around Mooseville have shed their leaves. The weather sure has been unseasonable the last few weeks, but winter will be coming on quick now that we have turned the calendar to November.

Most folks are still scrambling to button up their houses before the cold wind starts blowing. This week I saw a scary site – a crazy bearded guy poised rather precariously on ladder yielding a caulking gun. I am not sure what possessed him to think that thirty feet up in the air was the place to wave his arms around and try to learn how to fly, but it did make for amusing entertainment while I was eating his Brussels sprouts. But I won’t reveal his name – wouldn’t want the neighbors to talk.

I did see him with his feet firmly planted on the ground yesterday, but he wasn’t moving too fast. I think he may have caulked his shoes together by mistake.

Speaking of my neighbors, I can’t even see their house because of the huge stack of wood they have piled out front – maybe they are using it as rustic decoration. I know they do not have the same sense of moose fashion that I do, but really, they could try a little harder. At least, they could visit the Mooseville website for some moose accessories.

I am starting feel a little distracted and a bit itchy these days, as my winter coat starts to grow. I did hear from my cousin Marvin who lives by Mooselukemeguntic Lake that it has already snowed up his way. He waits all summer for that first snow, but then he is the first to complain that he’s mooserable!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Popcorn Falls


The leaves have proven to be spectacular this year and the weather – a moose couldn’t ask for better. Warm and breezy days and cool autumn nights with just a hint of frost, but winter may play a cruel joke on all of us this year and promises to be a frigidly cold one.

Despite the good weather, I spent the better part of last week looking high and low for my red plaid vest. It isn’t like me to loose things, you know my antlers are attached! I was thinking that someone might have tried to auction it off on Ebay, but I do take an irregular size. As you can see with the above picture, I still do not have my vest but I do have my Scout Popcorn!

I can’t imagine how something moosey could be so elusive? I probably got distracted by a snack and left it dangling on a tree limb somewhere. I guess I had better order up something new from Corey – he has all these new sweatshirts and pjs. He is pretty quick to send them out, and they are sure to arrive just in time to keep me warm and snuggly as I curl up by the woodstove. Check out the website!

My buddy Fred had a run in with a car last week, but he is one tough turkey...I mean moose! He’s hobbling around and making do with snacks from the ladies who lunch at the historical society. I would hate to see the car!

Did you know – October is National Popcorn Popping Month. Me either, but thanks to my faithful readers for reminding me about that one after my National Moose Day rant last week. I look forward to hearing from you too! The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are out in full force raising money by selling their yummy popcorn. Check out the website to find some near you!

I would like to send a special hello out to my new friend Brett from Mendon, Massachusetts. I hope you had a great visit to Maine and by the way did you see my vest along the train tracks?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leaf Peeping for the Moose...


Brodey here with a special announcement - I want to send a reminder out to all Moose – the Tourists are here and more are coming.

The Tourists are Coming!

This is your chance to stand in the road and be gawked at by silly people in mini-vans and SUVs.

I have been spending some time getting myself ready because I wanted to look my best for all the leaf peeping Tourists. My coat is all trimmed nice and neat for all the fall photos – I do have my mayoral reputation to uphold.

I have heard stories where folks will drive all the way to Eustis and back to Farmington and have not see any of my fellow moose, even though I was standing right along Route 4 waving at them.

So to help you capture a great moose photo, here is my first ever top ten list!

· Look in the low wet bogs by the sides of the road (Route 4, Route 16, Route 142 and Route 27)
· Forget your camera - I can sense it, so I will be extra handsome!
· Try looking for me around dinner time
· Wear a funny hat and big polka dots, so I can see that you are out looking for me
· Look for me around town- I can’t always be just hanging out in the woods, I am the Mayor after all.
· Take a guided moose tour with C. Moose Ellis
· Get a moose picture frame and put your picture in it. It feels like your getting a giant moose hug.
· Get off the road, use your hazards and pay attention to other people who don’t care about a prize-winning moose photo and remember my photo isn’t worth getting rear-ended
· Get some better sunglasses – at least you can try to look cool while you’re driving around. The ones you had in junior high need to be retired!
· Buy some great moose stuff at – my picture is on just about everything!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn Leaves


The autumn leaves will be at their peak this week here in the western mountains of Maine, so I hope you have made plans to pay us a visit to take in our fall colors or at least visit me.

I like the trees that look like yellow school buses this time of year, but my favorites are the red maple trees because moose look best with a red background.

I have been wondering why the leaves change color, so this year I decided to find out. Those beautiful red colors are caused by glucose in the leaves and that it is there all summer, we just can’t see it because of the green. It is amazing the things that one slightly technologically inept moose can learn online.

On another Moose tangent - Did you also know that of all the important acts our United States Congress has passed this year, the most notable was declaring National Watermelon Day (August 3rd)!

But on a serious note, what about National Moose Day? Just wanted to get your antlers tuned in for now, but more on that coming soon!

I wanted to send out a special hello to my friends who will be loitering at the Phillips Scarecrow Reunion starting on October 4th. People sure don’t need much of a reason to dress up their scarecrows in funny clothes now do they, but I have yet to see anyone dress one up like a moose. Now that would be almost as much of a spectacle as the autumn foliage!

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lipstick Moose

Not that I am swayed politically one way or the other because I am a moose but there are some issues before the moose population. The biggest issue is what happens to us moose if a McCain and Palin get in the White House? Well...after thinking about it a little bit and putting our heads together we have come up with an idea. This t-shirt promotes the idea and hopefully you can help spread the word to other Moose! All moose from now on should try to wear lipstick of some sort. By wearing lipstick, hopefully, we can be kept safe! Sarah Palin and her pit bull with lip stick is just part of the problem!

Moose need to be safe and hopefully, we can! You can find this t-shirt by going to and also by going to

Sunday, September 7, 2008

In the NEWS!

Here's a little something I thought you'd all enjoy. It's a little article of all moose's spokesman, Corey Ellis.

Face Time: Corey Ellis, Owner of Mooseville

, Moose, moose, everywhere moose. (And an occasional bobble-headed beaver.) Turkeys need not apply.
Corey Ellis is bursting with moose.

The Phillips native has run the Mooseville shop on Route 4 for the last five years, a store dedicated to all things brown and gangly. The storefront is open May to mid-September. Moose bangles, backpacks, bedding and tons of other moose merch can be found year-round at

Ellis has been in one business venture or another his whole life. He made wreaths as a teenager. For parades and other events, he dons the costume of Brodey, the Mayor of Mooseville. Yes, he said, it does get hot in there. More recently, according to his site, he's gotten a case of Beaver Fever. The moose may have to watch out.

Name: Corey Ellis

Age: 34

Lives: Phillips

Relationship, married, single? Married to Mooseville

Best part of working for yourself: The challenge, and being able to create my own future.
The downside: It all depends on me. I can't have bad days! They are not allowed!

How did you find beaver bobbleheads? Well, on our never-ending quest to find moose, the beaver bobbles just happened to be discovered. You know, beavers and moose, they live in the same places!

Most interesting question you've gotten from a tourist: A (serious) marriage proposal I think would have to be the strangest question ever sent my way.

How'd you react?! I just told her that I didn't really think it would work out and that I appreciated the offer. I'm like Rhett Butler from "Gone With the Wind" - "I'm not the marrying type." (Whatever that might mean! haha!)

Farthest you've ever traveled? Utah

Why Utah? I went to Utah for a semester of college. Funny, I wanted to be a dentist!

Fun things to do in Phillips: Biking is my favorite thing to do in Phillips. Swatting black flies and mosquitoes can be a blast as well!

Animal you would least like to find has broken into your home and made itself comfortable: moose, beaver or turkey? I think moose have already broken into my home. They are everywhere!! They come often, with me being their spokesperson and all. A beaver might just come to ask a question or two and then leave. But a turkey? I would definitely say I would least like a turkey breaking into my house, because they just get into everything and leave their droppings wherever they go. They are also loud and kind of obnoxious.

Hoped you enjoyed the post! It was a lot of fun to read! Check out all the cool moose products at and don't forget about the bears at

Next of me around some local landmarks!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Recycling at Mooseville I was a few days late. Can you blame me? Summer is almost over so I was out enjoying the last little bit of it! Today's blog I am going to talk a little bit about recycling and what we do here at Mooseville!

Maine’s forests are among our great natural resources. Here, at Mooseville, we strive to protect them by reusing paper and cardboard products. Many local residents and businesses know of our recycling efforts so they help us out by giving us other packing material such as peanuts, bubble wrap and paper. All of our packing material has been used at least one time before it is used by us to protect your goodies! So you see, we make recycling a way of life.Your orders are generally shipped using boxes that are not new. We appreciate your help in being part of our recycling effort and encourage you to reuse or recycle the boxes and other packing material that come to you from us as well as from other places if you are able. We moose are always recyling things and try to be as green as we can. Some of the boxes may look a little bit used but now you know why!

I have encouraged Moosevillians to try to be green too! I like some of the products that we sell now because they are green “recyled” products. We have over 30 different products that are made from some sort of recycled products! Don’t you think it’s amazing what they can do with recycling things now? Here are a couple products that are “green.” This henley is so very comfortable and warm! See it here. You definitely should “soft” this one! These kinds of blankets are amazingly warm and soft! Try one on here!

Next week, I'm going to take you on a short tour of where I live. I'll take a few cool pictures!

If you want to email me directly, you can at

Check out all the cool moose products at

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Beginning 2002

The Biggest Story to Come Out of Mooseville in a Coon’s Age

As C. Moose Ellis was walking through the woods one day in the summer of 2002, he saw in the distance a large clump of trees. There was some noise coming from within, and he decided to sneak in for a closer look. What do you suppose he found? There was a group of moose and they were talking. It wasn’t until he got a little closer that he could tell what they were saying.

They were talking about what’s going on in America right now. “There’s a new wave where people are buying things with moose on them.” They were also sad that there were so many people that needed jobs here in America and stuff that was being made with moose on them was being made elsewhere, way across the ocean. They were very concerned that there were people making images of them that did not even know what a moose was. They also talked about helping other moose connect and rally round each other to protect themselves and their image.

It wasn’t long before he was discovered! He thought he was in trouble, but somehow, the moose seemed to trust him and talked to him a little while and then asked him to leave for a minute. Although he wanted to stay and listen, he figured it’s probably best not to argue with a moose! He went a little way off. Soon, they called him back over to their circle. The moose who seemed to be the leader, my Uncle Jeffery, stepped forward and informed C. Moose Ellis that through popular vote he had been elected to be their spokesman to the rest of the world. So, his calling had begun.

And the rest is pretty much history. Mooseville has been gaining momentum ever since! Check out the website at