Friday, February 6, 2009

Love is in the Air!

What a busy week it has been in Mooseville.

First we start with the bad news…Phil from Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania predicted six more weeks of winter! But that wasn’t really that unexpected for moose around town who had predicted a blustery February and a snowy March, but then we can talk about the hints of April’s peak at spring. For Arizona Cardinal Fans, they lost the big game.

But now moving onto the good news, it was a great game! A couple of random guys made a fun commercial for Doritos and got a million dollars for throwing a snow globe into a vending machine full of chips.

Valentine’s Day is coming right up, so to get you in the mood for love, I thought I would include this recipe from The Best of Strong Cooking (Strong, Maine).

Recipe for Love
By Anne Baker

1 c. love
1 boy
1 girl
2 c. kisses
4 c. hugs
1 T. aggressiveness
7 c. “?!&%#$”

Set all on a park bench and stir well. Put among the trees and bushes with one faded lamplight, a full moon and a deserted area. Then add a pinch of luck from the matchmaker.

Now, like Christmas, I hate to have to remind you, but moose like women have expectations. These expectations revolve around chocolate, flowers and the sappiest card that you can bear to sign your name on the inside, plus a gift. So get busy, because it is on Saturday and Corey still needs time to get your gifts in the mail.

Don’t forget your first loves – your mom and dad, your goofy college boyfriend and your husband! Check out the special Valentine's Section at Mooseville!

Love is in air – isn’t life just full of moose-e-ness!