Friday, June 26, 2009

Catch Up!

You have probably been wondering what happened to me these last few months… the new grass, the flowers and spring fever had me in the mood for traveling!

I know we live in a high tech world, where I could tweet my every move, but I decided that you don’t really need to know what I am thinking about in between mouthfuls and the answer to the Facebook question of what’s on your mind would likely be too scary.

I will humor you with a recap of my spring adventures. It might just keep you curious humans on the edge of your seats. In the heat of the April summer, I went to Massachusetts to welcome little Julianna – she will be a heart breaker in a few years. To get away from the mud and black flies, I dropped by to see Corey in New Jersey and took a little vacation at the Star Barn Bed and Breakfast. I do love Toothaker Pond for a relaxing swim.

Lately, I have been busy slowing the traffic at my favorite spots along Routes 4 and 16. June proved to be a cool and rainy month, good for growing bugs but somewhat challenging for tomatoes, so I have been checking the progress of the new asparagus.

Did you know they are building a new road up to Rangeley and they are straightening out the S – curves along the way? It is supposed to be done later this year, but we shall see…wasn’t it supposed to be done last year? If you are inclined to drive up to Rangeley, be sure you make a pit stop at the Bear Hill Variety store before you head north because it might take you the best part of an hour to get there from Madrid.

But as my mom always said, the road to a friends is never long…I look forward to your visit soon!