Sunday, October 19, 2008

Popcorn Falls


The leaves have proven to be spectacular this year and the weather – a moose couldn’t ask for better. Warm and breezy days and cool autumn nights with just a hint of frost, but winter may play a cruel joke on all of us this year and promises to be a frigidly cold one.

Despite the good weather, I spent the better part of last week looking high and low for my red plaid vest. It isn’t like me to loose things, you know my antlers are attached! I was thinking that someone might have tried to auction it off on Ebay, but I do take an irregular size. As you can see with the above picture, I still do not have my vest but I do have my Scout Popcorn!

I can’t imagine how something moosey could be so elusive? I probably got distracted by a snack and left it dangling on a tree limb somewhere. I guess I had better order up something new from Corey – he has all these new sweatshirts and pjs. He is pretty quick to send them out, and they are sure to arrive just in time to keep me warm and snuggly as I curl up by the woodstove. Check out the website!

My buddy Fred had a run in with a car last week, but he is one tough turkey...I mean moose! He’s hobbling around and making do with snacks from the ladies who lunch at the historical society. I would hate to see the car!

Did you know – October is National Popcorn Popping Month. Me either, but thanks to my faithful readers for reminding me about that one after my National Moose Day rant last week. I look forward to hearing from you too! The Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts are out in full force raising money by selling their yummy popcorn. Check out the website to find some near you!

I would like to send a special hello out to my new friend Brett from Mendon, Massachusetts. I hope you had a great visit to Maine and by the way did you see my vest along the train tracks?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Leaf Peeping for the Moose...


Brodey here with a special announcement - I want to send a reminder out to all Moose – the Tourists are here and more are coming.

The Tourists are Coming!

This is your chance to stand in the road and be gawked at by silly people in mini-vans and SUVs.

I have been spending some time getting myself ready because I wanted to look my best for all the leaf peeping Tourists. My coat is all trimmed nice and neat for all the fall photos – I do have my mayoral reputation to uphold.

I have heard stories where folks will drive all the way to Eustis and back to Farmington and have not see any of my fellow moose, even though I was standing right along Route 4 waving at them.

So to help you capture a great moose photo, here is my first ever top ten list!

· Look in the low wet bogs by the sides of the road (Route 4, Route 16, Route 142 and Route 27)
· Forget your camera - I can sense it, so I will be extra handsome!
· Try looking for me around dinner time
· Wear a funny hat and big polka dots, so I can see that you are out looking for me
· Look for me around town- I can’t always be just hanging out in the woods, I am the Mayor after all.
· Take a guided moose tour with C. Moose Ellis
· Get a moose picture frame and put your picture in it. It feels like your getting a giant moose hug.
· Get off the road, use your hazards and pay attention to other people who don’t care about a prize-winning moose photo and remember my photo isn’t worth getting rear-ended
· Get some better sunglasses – at least you can try to look cool while you’re driving around. The ones you had in junior high need to be retired!
· Buy some great moose stuff at – my picture is on just about everything!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Autumn Leaves


The autumn leaves will be at their peak this week here in the western mountains of Maine, so I hope you have made plans to pay us a visit to take in our fall colors or at least visit me.

I like the trees that look like yellow school buses this time of year, but my favorites are the red maple trees because moose look best with a red background.

I have been wondering why the leaves change color, so this year I decided to find out. Those beautiful red colors are caused by glucose in the leaves and that it is there all summer, we just can’t see it because of the green. It is amazing the things that one slightly technologically inept moose can learn online.

On another Moose tangent - Did you also know that of all the important acts our United States Congress has passed this year, the most notable was declaring National Watermelon Day (August 3rd)!

But on a serious note, what about National Moose Day? Just wanted to get your antlers tuned in for now, but more on that coming soon!

I wanted to send out a special hello to my friends who will be loitering at the Phillips Scarecrow Reunion starting on October 4th. People sure don’t need much of a reason to dress up their scarecrows in funny clothes now do they, but I have yet to see anyone dress one up like a moose. Now that would be almost as much of a spectacle as the autumn foliage!