Saturday, March 27, 2010

Frost Heaves and Bagels

Hello Friends!

Can you believe this weather – spring has definitely sprung around Mooseville! I have been keeping awful busy lately. In case you haven’t heard, we are moving the Mooseville store to Farmington, Maine. Our new place is right next to Java Joes, in the old Hallmark store on Main Street.

I am excited to think that at least I can get a good cup of joe and a bagel without having to go too far. Unlike our old store – we are sure to have plenty of room, but it may not last if Corey keeps buying new stuff. Have you been able to keep up with all the new things he gives me every week to share with you? Well me either, but we won’t tell him.

The clocks changed, the snow is melting and I am glad that winter is coming to an end. It was a weird one around Mooseville and those folks down south in Baltimore and Washington got more snow than we did, but they were overdue. Sugarloaf and Saddleback are both still open for spring skiing, but mud season is upon all of us!

Mud season you ask? Well, I'm sure some of you city folk aren't sure what mud season is all about. If you have ever lived on a dirt road or walked down one in the spring, or have a dirt driveway, in Maine you would understand. Some of those bumps and ruts are huge! I'm not talking about those ruts in the fall either if you catch my drift! The frost goes pretty deep in the ground in the fall and winter and in the spring when it warms up, the whole ground turns to mush, almost like chocolate syrup! So just be careful if you venture this way that you don't get stuck in a pot hole or a rut! If you do get stuck in a rut - just check out Mooseville! It's always a good place to lighten your moose, oops I mean mood!

And we won’t talk about the frost heaves – what do you really need a car muffler for any way? See you soon at the store – it is due to open sometime in April!