Friday, September 25, 2009

Continuing the Moose Road Trip

Hi Everyone! Brodey here, coming to you from Baltimore, Maryland.

I know, I have been one busy moose lately, but the work of the mayor of Mooseville is just never finished. I am here in Baltimore to attend the wedding of Robin and Mike – and boy was it one heck of a trip to get here. It all started with a walk down to Farmington and then my new friend gave me a ride down the coast.

Well, if you think a moose can stop traffic along Route 4, you should
see the back up I caused near the George Washington Bridge last night.

But I would have to say, I did sleep like a baby last night -
snuggled up under a down comforter in my hotel room.

For seafood lovers, Baltimore provides the opportunity to feast on
crab cakes, crab chowder and just in case you can’t get enough there
are giant platters filled with only crab and French fries. Every
restaurant seems to say that it has the best, but it seems impossible
to judge, so as a crazy moose – I opted for Mexican food instead.
So I am off to the wedding, a moose in tux with a tails and a top hat
– I only wish there were pictures to share!

Tune in next week for a little excitement we had in Mooseville while I was has to do with squirrels and such!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Live from Cape Cod!

This is Mayor Brodey Moose blogging to you live from Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

It is an amazing thing, every week or so, I get to tell you all about
the wonders of Mooseville and my crazy life as the mayor, but this
week I thought you might like to come along for a little Moose road
trip. I am spending the weekend soaking up the ocean breezes and even putting
a hoof in the cold waters of the Atlantic.

I did, however, get some strange looks - you know the ones - what is
that moose doing on the beach? But I just smile and wave and the
lookers seem to wander off eventually. They often, though, want to come up and take their picture with me! I guess it is not every day that they get to see a moose on the beach!

I also did a little fishing, but for future reference, it does help if
you put a hook on the end of your line. But as a vegetable-loving
moose, I find that it is just as much fun to dangle the string in the
water and dream away the afternoon. Besides, I do look extra
handsome sporting a fishing vest.

I have to head back to Mooseville on Monday because I got to start
planning for the annual Scarecrow Reunion held in Phillips, Maine
which will be held in early October. I think this year, I might try
to... Oh, I guess I better keep my idea a secret for now.

And next week, I will be heading south to Baltimore, Maryland and the
wedding of Robin Beck and Michael Maher.

I will try to get some pictures. You know I can be a little camera shy sometimes!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Labor Day and Back to School!

Labor Day, Back to School, and the promise of incoming pumpkins
decorations and a scarecrows reunion– what’s next? Sleet, Frost and

Well as you know moose like me do not deal well with change and we have
a hard time with smooth transition, but I do love the cool mornings
and catching the sight of my breath in the morning. The leaves are
all still green and the grass continues to grow, but hurry up and
enjoy the last bits of summer sunshine.

I have not talked about the blackberries up in Madrid, Maine (that is pronounced Mah-drid for none natives that may not know!)! They are
so fat, sweet and juicy that they are falling off onto the ground, but be
quick to pick them because they never last long. I keep hoping for a blackberry
pie with a scope of vanilla ice cream on top. Now that is just like a
slice of summer heaven.

Do you ever wonder how one moose, say the Mayor of Mooseville, could
spend so much time talking about the weather and snacks? If you have
to ask, I will tell you how it is because inquiring minds need to
know. As the Mayor, I spend my days wandering about in Mooseville,
but really it is a quiet little place.

I might dabble in politics and chat with the local folks, but there
is not much newsworthy that goes on around town. I mean, really, do
you need to know what Larry, down at the Transfer Station, is up to
right this minute or what the special was over at Country Bumpkins
last Tuesday. Probably not so I just tell you about a few fun things that happen to me in my life!

I think everything in the neighbor’s garden pulled trough okay last
week when we had a hint of frost, even his tomato plants. I have
decided to make some green tomato pickles tonight; maybe I will even
have a picnic and enjoy the view from beside Toothaker Pond tomorrow. Until
next time, be sure to keep smiling like a moose!