Saturday, February 27, 2010

Seth Wescott and Gold Medals

Greetings Friends!

I have been keeping tabs on my friend Seth Wescott – hometown pride of Farmington, Maine. He won his second gold medal last week in snowboard cross and the cheers from Carrabassett Valley could be heard all around Mooseville, not to mention Vancouver. The Olympics are so exciting - men and women from all over the United States are winning medals and going crazy fast and high on skis and snowboards. And have you seen those speed skaters, it seems like they can skate sideways and jump over people! Apolo Ohno is simply amazing!

I, on the other hand, being a moose and all, have trouble keeping all four hooves on the ground when it is icy, but I digress. The Olympics get me so excited and distracted!!

And now for the next installment of my memoir – hopefully, I won’t get distracted this time…

Once upon a Moose

I still love swimming, but it would be hard to pick a favorite pond. But the leading contenders are... I know you are waiting patiently for my list, so here goes.
Let’s see ponds...Harvey Pond and Lufkin Pond. I do love all kinds of water, but I am especially fond of the pools at Smalls Falls and the icy cold water that runs in Orbeton Stream. I also love the Sandy River! Lakes are even more difficult, there are so many I love, but they do have a great pizza next to Clearwater Lake at the Ugly Moose. I haven’t ever seen an ugly moose, but I would admit I have had a few bad hair days in my life and nothing helps the confidence of moose like a slice of pizza. Speaking of moose food – I do love those nice ladies at Moosely Bagels in Rangeley, and their place is along side another great lake and they have the very best wild berry bagels!

My hope was not to get too distracted, but you can see what happens when you are budding Moose author is overdue for dinner!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Once upon a moose time...

Now really is that the way a moose like me ought to start his memoir? I think not, but it does seem like a good way to get my hooves wet.

"...there was a moose named Brodey. I have served as the prestigious mayor of Mooseville for many years, but my story begins long before my encounter with Corey Moose and the Mooseville store. It began at the edge of a pond, a soft breeze blowing the crisp fall air and there was love. You really didn’t think I could let Valentine’s Day slip by without a little bit of sappiness.

My parents, Eloise and John were destined to be together in the end, but there were some other suitors that were still optimistic for a chance to win my mom’s heart. My dad, however, was the mightiest moose in the state and he had an enormous rack.

As a little moose, I did love swimming in that very pond where my parents met and eating the lily pads, tender grasses and reeds around the edge. I still love swimming, but it would be hard to pick a favorite pond. But the leading contenders are...

Gosh, writing a memoir is hard. You have to stay focused, a task that I am not very good at especially when I start talking about food. I do love food - grasses, lily pads and Brussel sprouts. Well, I guess that is enough hard work for now.

I do want to mention a few new tidbits, the Star Barn Bed and Breakfast is having two yoga retreats in March! The Phillips Public Library is having their annual Penny Sale Auction and there are so many events going on during school vacation week I can hardly even remember them all. There are sledding parties, movies and ice skating. Also the Phillips Elementary School Boy’s basketball team is overdue for a big congratulations! They have gone undefeated for two years and they clinched the title in a tough game last week against Strong. I think this might be a very good sign for the years to come at Mt. Abram High School!

If you still haven’t told your sweetheart that you love them, the clock is ticking away because it is Valentine’s Day!
Chocolate kisses and Moose love to all of my great fans!