Monday, June 7, 2010

Dancing in the Lupines

Spring has definitely sprung around Mooseville, we might even be on the edge of summer. The roadside lupines are in full bloom right now and Mooseville couldn’t look more beautiful. Did you see the crazy fun clouds swirling around in last night’s sunset? Did you ever notice that the greatest pictures seem to happen when you left your camera at home?

Gardens are sprouting up all over the neighborhood – after last summer season’s wet sopping mess, I am surprised anyone is willing to try again. But, of course, I think we are all tempted by those colorful seed packages and the promise of little boxes of tomatoes seedlings. I did see my friend put in an extra row of Brussel sprouts, I think he is expecting me for dinner!

I wanted to send out a big Moostulations to all the students graduating this weekend! If you still need a gift for your favorite graduate, stop by and check out the new Mooseville store in Farmington.

One last thing…

As the mayor of Mooseville, one of my sworn duties is to remind all the Maine residents to vote next Tuesday, June 8th. Remember, you can’t complain about politics if you don’t vote! We will be voting about spending our money, taxes and choosing the Republican and Democratic candidates for the November governor’s race. So head down to your town office and cast your ballot.

The itch of black fly bites will continue for a bit longer and that trick about putting witch hazel on them does not seem to work at all for me. Any other ideas?

Have a great week everyone!