Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bunnies and Moose

What is a moose to do? Is it time to wander beneath the trees, hide in the tall grass or watch a thunderstorm race across the sky, but if you don’t know the right answer – all of the above will keep you busy this summer. I also love to swat the mosquitoes with my tail and stand near the road to have my portrait taken. Oh wait, I don’t have a tail so those mosquitoes just keep pestering me!

I wish you would send those funny photos of me and my neighbors to us here at Mooseville and if we look like rock stars, I might post it for everyone to see.

The summer is going by so quickly –it is only a few more weeks till Old Home Days in Phillips. This year’s theme makes me laugh because I just love Duct Tape and you can use it in so many ways. I can’t wait to see the parade floats look like – a creative bunch those Phillips folks are! The list of events seems to get longer every year – but this year I am looking forward to the Everything Sale at the Old Gym and wandering by the train tracks to wave at the people. I might dress up as the four-legged Ghost of Duct Tape just to keep things interesting.
I do want to send out a hello to Charlie – he is my new little buddy who moved up to Mooseville from Wilton. He thinks he is going to grow up to be a lion, but really he is just a rabbit with a big head of hair and likely won’t grow to be more than three pounds.

The garden seems to be emerging from the mud now, but after such a slow start, I am not sure if there will be any tomatoes. The potatoes seem happy, but it is hard for me to dig those up with two left hooves, so I am hoping for a little help. Charlie and I do love the carrot tops, but we have learned that if we eat too many carrot tops, there aren’t any carrots left for the winter! That was a tough lesson for both of us to swallow!

Well, I guess that is all of my moosely wisdom for today! Check out our website!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Happy Summer and Moosecellaneous!

Hello Summer!

This week we welcomed back the sunshine to Mooseville! It was a strange phenomenon – blue sky and warm temperatures, but it sure had everyone in good spirits, including me. Everything seems to be drying out and despite my optimism, I would have to admit that I am getting ready for the next batch of thunderstorms and clouds. The nice folks at the Farmer’s Almanac even went so far as to apologize last week for being right – but being right isn’t always a good thing.

In other news around the Moose state, the legislature decided to prohibit smoking in state parks, beaches and historic sites. The law, put forth earlier this year by Senator John Nutting, was passed just before most parks opened for the summer season.

As the mayor of Mooseville, I try not to be too political, but I am pleased with this new effort to reduce secondhand smoke for the animals and people who enjoy the parks and it will eliminate those ugly cigarette butts from littering our favorite places.

Now if I can just convince people to stop throwing trash out of their cars – there was already is a law against littering, so stop already will you! We don’t even have any fast food restaurants in Mooseville, but I am always stumbling over Burger King and McDonalds bags and wrappers. I do fancy those new Frostys from Wendy’s, but there never seems to be anything left in the cups except rain water and that is a real disappointment for me.

I also wanted to talk up the new section of Mooseville for a little bit. It's called Moosecellaneous! It is going to be growing into something for you to be entertained and have a good laugh when you visit! So if you are having a bad day, this will definitely be a place to go to help lift your spirits! It will have things that are not moose from fun signs, t-shirts, lights, oddball items and plush animals. Keep checking it out weekly for fun new products! Here's a link to it now!

Don't forget your sunscreen and have a great week ahead!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Doing the Moose Walk

Here we are on the verge of summer -at least, we are hoping that the monsoon season is coming to a close in the mountains of Maine. June was rumored to have been the rainiest in decades, maybe ever, so we aren’t hoping for a drought, but a sunny day would be a nice change of pace.
Family, Fun and Fireworks - I hope you had a great day yesterday to celebrate Independence Day!

The barbecues were fired up in Madrid (pronounced maaaa-drid - you have to draw out the a) for the annual picnic and they even had a deep fried turkey. Those ladies sure do put out a nice spread of snacks – salads of every kind, decadent cakes and pies and my favorite - sour pickles.

Micah turned the big 4 years old yesterday and he is convinced that all the fireworks are just for his birthday. And being four, you can’t argue with him.

There have been lots of photos in the news of my nephew Buckey. He is my sister’s youngest boy, but even he is having trouble competing with the news about Michael Jackson. Out of respect, I have been trying to learn how to do the moon walk, but having four legs rather than two makes it quite a sight. I will spare you the photos.

Do I like turnips? It is a question that has been on my mind for a while - you know one of those deep philosophical questions to consider on a long rainy afternoon. I would love to hear your thoughts on turnips or any other thoughts you might have for that matter.
Until next time – be careful with those leftover Sparklers!