Saturday, September 20, 2008

Lipstick Moose

Not that I am swayed politically one way or the other because I am a moose but there are some issues before the moose population. The biggest issue is what happens to us moose if a McCain and Palin get in the White House? Well...after thinking about it a little bit and putting our heads together we have come up with an idea. This t-shirt promotes the idea and hopefully you can help spread the word to other Moose! All moose from now on should try to wear lipstick of some sort. By wearing lipstick, hopefully, we can be kept safe! Sarah Palin and her pit bull with lip stick is just part of the problem!

Moose need to be safe and hopefully, we can! You can find this t-shirt by going to and also by going to

Sunday, September 7, 2008

In the NEWS!

Here's a little something I thought you'd all enjoy. It's a little article of all moose's spokesman, Corey Ellis.

Face Time: Corey Ellis, Owner of Mooseville

, Moose, moose, everywhere moose. (And an occasional bobble-headed beaver.) Turkeys need not apply.
Corey Ellis is bursting with moose.

The Phillips native has run the Mooseville shop on Route 4 for the last five years, a store dedicated to all things brown and gangly. The storefront is open May to mid-September. Moose bangles, backpacks, bedding and tons of other moose merch can be found year-round at

Ellis has been in one business venture or another his whole life. He made wreaths as a teenager. For parades and other events, he dons the costume of Brodey, the Mayor of Mooseville. Yes, he said, it does get hot in there. More recently, according to his site, he's gotten a case of Beaver Fever. The moose may have to watch out.

Name: Corey Ellis

Age: 34

Lives: Phillips

Relationship, married, single? Married to Mooseville

Best part of working for yourself: The challenge, and being able to create my own future.
The downside: It all depends on me. I can't have bad days! They are not allowed!

How did you find beaver bobbleheads? Well, on our never-ending quest to find moose, the beaver bobbles just happened to be discovered. You know, beavers and moose, they live in the same places!

Most interesting question you've gotten from a tourist: A (serious) marriage proposal I think would have to be the strangest question ever sent my way.

How'd you react?! I just told her that I didn't really think it would work out and that I appreciated the offer. I'm like Rhett Butler from "Gone With the Wind" - "I'm not the marrying type." (Whatever that might mean! haha!)

Farthest you've ever traveled? Utah

Why Utah? I went to Utah for a semester of college. Funny, I wanted to be a dentist!

Fun things to do in Phillips: Biking is my favorite thing to do in Phillips. Swatting black flies and mosquitoes can be a blast as well!

Animal you would least like to find has broken into your home and made itself comfortable: moose, beaver or turkey? I think moose have already broken into my home. They are everywhere!! They come often, with me being their spokesperson and all. A beaver might just come to ask a question or two and then leave. But a turkey? I would definitely say I would least like a turkey breaking into my house, because they just get into everything and leave their droppings wherever they go. They are also loud and kind of obnoxious.

Hoped you enjoyed the post! It was a lot of fun to read! Check out all the cool moose products at and don't forget about the bears at

Next of me around some local landmarks!