Saturday, March 28, 2009

Hello there Spring!

Hello there Spring!

Spring has sprung around western Maine – grass is visible, albeit brown, driveways are muddy and the snow sure is melting after a handful of warm days.
I did visit my smart friends down at the University of Maine – Farmington and saw a row of brave tulips poking up near the library, can’t wait for those colors. It seems too soon for those, but who am I to say!
As the mayor of Mooseville, I haven’t had much to say politically of late, but I think we should all take advantage of the Spring to celebrate the “Day the Moose Sprung” day!
A day where you might sit on your back porch and relish in the sunshine and laugh at the cluster flies who are confused by the warm temperatures and the big snow bank that you created with all that shoveling over the railing. Or maybe, you might head down to Farmington and sit on the bench outside Java Joes and just wave at the cars driving by…it is fun for me! Or just maybe, you could live dangerously and wash that old beater of a car you drive – as long as the dirt isn’t holding it all together!
I hope you have a great week filled with sunshine! Ahhh…the joy of spring – I can lick the salt off the roadways and wander through the melting bogs…wait, I think I feel a haiku coming.

Spring moose temptations
Laugh at the camera-laden cars
Wander across the road

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

I would like to send a personal thank you out to my friend, who shall remain unnamed, for telling me that indeed, “March is the snowiest month of the year.” Well thank you, Corey (oops!) for that bit of uplifting news. Snow is good for skiing and snowshoeing, but my mind has already shifted to spring like the clocks last week.

Well, let us move on to some happier news for this week’s post because spring is indeed just down the road a piece. In the coming week, we will all turn a bit Irish as St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated all around Mooseville. Moose can go green with the best of them. I even have a four-leaf clover that I keep as an emergency snack, oh wait, maybe I ate that one already.

Corned beef and cabbage isn’t really a meal fit for a moose, but if you are so inclined, please do enjoy this truly American version of St. Patrick’s Day feast.

I would also like to send a hello to my buddy George in Wisconsin. He spent most of last week in the hospital, but is home now and definitely “moose-ing” it up! So I thought I would take a minute to tell you about all the healthy leafy greens we have to look forward to as the snow melts. According to Prevention magazine’s March issue, romaine, watercress and spinach are great sources of vitamins, calcium and even iron. Who knew Popeye was eating spinach to help lower his risk of macular degeneration.

I hope you have all made the transition to Daylight Savings Time and are now waking up at a respectable time!

Daylight Savings Time!

Hello Friends! (oops I forgot to publish this one!)

After a long February vacation around Mooseville, I have returned to remind you about Daylight Savings Time. Last night, the clocks were supposed to spring forward in the middle of the night and when we woke up it was an hour later.

March is one of those ironic months. For example, yesterday I saw people wearing sweatshirts instead of coats, puddles of water and sunshine, but this morning there was a wet and sticky snow covering everything in Mooseville.

I still don’t understand the time change, because time it is doesn’t matter much when you are a moose who doesn’t wear a watch. I get up when it is sunny and go to bed when it is dark, but occasionally I do stay up to watch late night television but that is a story for another time. But the hardest part of the time change is remembering what clocks you have changed and which ones you haven’t.

While I have your attention, I do want to encourage you to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. You could run down to the Phillips Hardware and I am sure Betty can fix you up with some new 9-volt batteries. Did you know you should replace your smoke detectors every ten years? I apologize for adding something else to your to do list!

Since you have absolutely no idea what time it is, I would recommend that you make yourself another cup of coffee, read all about the specials at the Mooseville store and have a great day!