Friday, September 24, 2010

The Cold and Rainy State

Here I sit looking out the window at the falling rain. Yes, I realize that moose really belong outside and not inside a building, but how am I supposed to type from outside, especially if it is raining? Computers prefer to stay dry and they work much better and longer if they are dry! So, inside I am typing!

I went to the big Farmington Fair in Farmington, Maine this week! I tried to stay hidden as much as possible because you know, when you get that many people and a moose walking around, everyone wants to get your picture and then you have no time to enjoy the delicious fair food! I had some french fries, fried dough, an ice cream, some fudge, AND I had another whoopie pie! I saw one and I couldn't resist the urge to sample it. I think it is my life's mission to find the best whoopie pie maker! This week I also had a pumpkin whoopie pie with cream cheese frosting for filling! That was delicious too! But I have to say that my grandmother still wins in the whoopie pie category.

Oh, I totally forgot what I was supposed to be typing about today. The thought of whoopie pies got me all distracted. Today, I wanted to ask a question and talk about it a little bit. Why is Maine almost always the coldest and rainiest state in the Northeast? If you look at the weather map of temperatures with this blog entry, taken from September 24th, you will see that all of the other states in the Northeast are quite a bit warmer than Maine.

Yes, I know it is further north than the rest of the states, but at least part of the state of Maine is at the same latitude as New Hampshire and Vermont. So, why does the temperature just seem to go south when a moose (or person) is headed north to Maine? It is an interesting phenomenon if you stop and think about it. Sometimes, the very southern tip of the state is warm like the rest of the world, but after you get to a certain line, it's like somebody forgot to pay the heat bill!

Being a moose and all, I like the cold temperatures because of all the fur that I have. However, some of my human friend counterparts, fail to see the goodness in cold temperatures. Now I am beginning to understand the concept of blue states and red states! Blue states are colder right? And red states are hotter? If you have any ideas on this I would love to hear your thoughts.

Until the next time...there's always Mooseville!

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