Sunday, May 16, 2010

Black Flies and Swimming

I was amazed at the amount of mail I received last week after my blog about fiddleheads. So many of you just did not know about the joy of that special little fern that grows along the banks of the Sandy River, but be sure to get some quick because the season will end soon.

Well, in my quest to bring you new and exciting news from Mooseville – this week I thought I would mention my most annoying friends. A hint: it is black, it buzzes and bites. The Black Fly is a my personal nemesis, so maybe I was being generous to call them friends! He makes picking fiddleheads a bloody nightmare even for a moose like
me. How can somethings so small be such a pain?

The only relief I can get is to go swimming, so despite the cool temperatures, I took my first spring bath in Mount Blue Pond yesterday – too bad that guy who was videotaping me near the road missed it. Depending on how I feel today, I might just take a bath two days in a row!

I do love to swim, but the water is still cold even for a fury moose like me!
Someone just forwarded me an email that asks what four places do you spend money? Moose money does not have the widespread acceptance as the dollar, but I always love to go to the Mooseville store for all things moose and I can have a good snack at the Salem General Store. If you need it for your house, they are sure to have it all at the Phillips Hardware Store. The Star Barn Uniques store offers great gifts and treasures, most made right around the neighborhood.

Have you been to the new Mooseville store yet? I sure have made some great new friends in Farmington, Maine and every time I am there, there is new stuff to see!

Check out all the new goodies here --!

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